Ashok Melwani - Negotiating an Exit From the 4th Generation Family Business [The Business of Family Podcast]

Ashok Melwani started his career as a teenager, working in his family’s fashion retail stores during the school holidays. In 1982, he joined the business full-time, working his way up from brand manager to an executive director of the 4th generation Indian family business.

Ashok is a guide to the road less travelled. His story is a fascinating journey of a struggle to leave the family business and ultimately forge his own path.

  • If the family business is the only thing on your resume, it's not very worthwhile, even if you were the MD.
  • Although he had a clean exit, there were effects on the family dynamics at the time, as some family members didn't understand why.
  • Ashok admits that based on his experience with his family business, he was not encouraged to start another one involving his children.
  • Despite the many setbacks, looking back, there is no doubt that leaving the family business was the right step to take for Ashok.
  • I have no respect for trust fund kids.


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