Cohort Futures | Brian Dell

If the web’s first promise was low cost, real-time connection, its second was community - anyone, anywhere, could find a place where they belong.

Maybe it’s the post-social media era, where people move off the open platforms and into a curated mosaic of niche, private, and cooperative spaces. Or, maybe it’s just that the web we needed was here when we needed it.

...a web built for belonging, if you are fortunate enough to know where to look. But what comes after belonging? If we move up Maslow’s hierarchy, the answer might be becoming.

And if communities are spaces for belonging, cohorts are spaces for becoming.

The primary difference between a community and a cohort is that the first is oriented around the relationships between the collective members, and the second is oriented around the progress of each individual. In short, communities are built to connect, cohorts are built to progress.


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