Your landlord is watching

This week's creepy news... Smart locks allow property holders to harass tenants by locking them out, monitor their comings and goings, and more.

While there is nothing new about landlords surveilling and harassing tenants, smart home technology enables landlords to far more aggressively use surveillance to exert economic pressure on tenants and, as a result, gentrify neighborhoods. Landlords could, for example, use smart locks to track a tenant’s guests’ comings and goings and then use that data to argue that an illegal subtenant is living in an apartment without permission of the landlord — a scenario that has been used as grounds to evict in many cases. Similarly, facial recognition entry systems could be used to intimidate tenants into leaving or to track their presence, and argue that a rent-stabilized apartment is not their primary residence, tactics that have also been used as grounds for eviction.


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