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The Facebook Decay

by M.G. Siegler


The Medium Model

Ev Williams talking about the future of Medium (a GV portfolio company):

Also unlike how most of the internet works, we do not only surface the very latest stuff. People come to Medium to get the smartest thinking on things they care about. If you care about, say, entrepreneurship or relationships, the best thing you could read today was very unlikely to have been published in the last 48 hours. But most of the internet treats anything that isn’t new like bad fruit. This is a huge detriment to readers and writes alike. It encourages people to spend their time on the novel in lieu of the worthwhile, and it discourages creators from investing in things of lasting value.

To me, this is still one of the strangest phenomenons of the web, the reluctance to read (and share) anything that isn’t brand new. Even though in a non-news environment, ‘best’ and ‘newest’ overlap rarely, and only by coincidence. I think this whole Twitter thread has some good thoughts.


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