What is GDPR & what data are you surrendering to tech?


By now you must have received dozens of "privacy update" emails from all of the tech apps and websites you use. This is a result of the May 25th deadline for all companies to comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which mandates all companies that use consumer's data must inform the consumer about what data it collects and how it uses that data and also provide an option to be removed. 

So, here's a user guide to know what you are revealing to Facebook, Google, Twitter and others—and how you can hold control some information: Facebook and Twitter - tracks your data across all of its products and uses it to refine your newsfeed experience. However, it also shows you personalized ads both on and outside Facebook/Twitter as a result of this tracking (you now have the option to opt-out of this within your settings). Google - similarly tracks your activity across its products and also stores your IP address and other digital footprints in order to serve you personalized ads (you now have the option to opt-out of activity tracking, location history and browser history, youtube history and more). You can also request a copy of the data these companies have on you.

Companies mentioned (YTD): Google (+3%), Facebook (+5%), Twitter (+40%)


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