Doc Rivers losing front-office responsibilities with LA Clippers

Adrian Wojnarowski spoke with Clipper's owner Steve Ballmer:

"I've owned the team for three years now, and I really better understand what an owner's responsibility is -- and it turns out that running a franchise and coaching are two enormous and different jobs," Ballmer told ESPN. "The notion that one person can fairly focus on them and give them all the attention they need isn't the case. To be as good as we can be, to be a championship franchise, we need two functioning strong people building teams out beneath them. There needs to be a healthy discussion and debate with two strong, independent-minded people.

I mean, how did he not know that on day one? Ballmer is not a dumb guy. Why did it take him years to learn this? All he had to do was look no further than the fact that they are only three other teams that have a coach/GM in the NBA: San Antonio Spurs (Gregg Popovich), Pistons (Stan Van Gundy) and Minnesota Timberwolves (Tom Thibodeau) -- and of those, only Popovich has really proven so far that this can work. And he's widely considered one of the best coaches/basketball minds of all time. 

I'll leave it to others to draw parallels to Ballmer's tenure atop Microsoft.


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