Sefaira • Real-Time Performance Analysis • Paid

Sefaira offers the industry’s only software for real-time Performance Based Design. This includes defining, quantifying, and optimising the energy, daylighting, water, carbon and financial benefits of relevant design strategies. Sefaira had built their own simulation engine because DOE-2 and other similar engines were built for very detailed, engineering based energy models. The purpose of Sefaira was not necessarily to get the granularity achieved by compliance models, but rather to get quick results that lets you compare the impact of different design strategies. Sefaira's Real-Time Analysis plugins provide constant feedback on both energy & daylighting metrics as architects work. Also, Sefaira minimizes the number of inputs required to get meaningful results which architects would love. 

Sefaira offers both SketchUp and Revit realtime plugins, as well as web apps for deeper comparative and parametric analysis by architects.


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