Facebook is getting into the high-end streaming game — with a show about a grieving widow


Facebook's first foray into prestige TV is a half-hour drama about a woman coping with the loss of her husband, Steven Zeitchik reports:

The Silicon Valley giant unveiled its first high-end series, “Sorry for Your Loss,” on Saturday at the Toronto International Film Festival. And it turns out that the show — about a young woman coping with the sudden death of her husband — is at once highly traditional yet very particular to the platform.
“In some ways this comes in a long line of shows and movies about loss,” said Kit Steinkellner, the creator of the series, which will stream on Facebook Watch, Facebook's streaming platform. “But I also like the idea of media meeting message. Facebook is a place where I hear about most deaths, most births, most marriages. It made sense for them to do a series about these life events.”


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