Uber rebrand looks to reflect how the taxi app is “changing”


💡 The start-up has now been rebranded drastically twice in its eight-year history. Its last brand, launched in 2016, was, admittedly, rather tangential and vague. The main app icon features a circle sat within a square with curved edges, and within this circle sat another small square with a line coming out of it, dissecting the circle.

The abstract logo was developed by Uber’s in-house design team on 2016, and aimed to represent the bit (binary digit), the smallest unit of data in a computer. Binary code is generally conceived in the form of combinations of 0s and 1s, or a series of black and white dots.

The rebrand, at the time, received a fair amount of criticism, with outraged people taking to social media to lambast the identity. Following the release of the new logo, Uber’s head of design Andrew Crow announced he was stepping down from the role.


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