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Nintendo's Surface

by M.G. Siegler


The Worldwide Leader in Layoffs

Joe Drape and Brooks Barnes on the big layoffs at ESPN -- including many on-screen folks and reporters we all know:

“ESPN was wrapped in Teflon for many years, but big payouts for rights fees plus significant losses in their subscriber base were like punches to the gut and head, and now the company is trying to make sure they are strong enough to fight in the future,” said James Andrew Miller, who wrote a book on ESPN and has contributed to The New York Times. “They’ve decided one way to do this is to change their approach to content and rely more heavily on digital; this has enabled them to let go of a big chunk of their talent base.”

Sad, but hardly surprising -- this particular writing has been on the wall for at least a couple years now. And it seems like things could get worse yet...


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