The Scientific Paper Is Obsolete. Here's What's Next.

Saved you a click: it's notebook computing. Notebook computing is incredibly common in data science today. Mathematica started it all, Jupyter made it massively popular, and today there are notebook products everywhere you look.

This article is fascinating for two reasons. First, this isn't a post in a data science blog, or even a mainstream tech blog like Wired. No...this The Atlantic. I'm used to mainstream press writing breathy articles about AI, but when they do an in-depth piece about UI paradigms in data science tools, that's unusual.

Second, the piece itself is a wonderful zoom-out on current trends that we're all waist-deep in. I don't know if I 100% buy that the notebook is replacing the scientific paper, but I do think that the mechanisms used to publish scientific information have massive impacts on the growth of human knowledge.


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