City of Fort Walton Beach names 'Employees of the Year' 2019

The City of Fort Walton Beach recently recognized its 2019 Employees of the Year and Supervisor of the Year.

Employees of the Year

  • Recreation Department: Jonas Abbott, Service Worker II
  • Administration: Jeffery Roche, Information Technology Analyst
  • Public Works/Utilities: Raphael Ousley, Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Police Department: Sheila Mercier, Crime Scene Investigator
  • Fire Department: James Freudenberg, Firefighter

Manager of the Year

  • Janice Rogers, Cemetery Supervisor

“These individuals have shown motivation and dedication over the past year in the jobs they do on behalf of the citizens of Fort Walton Beach,” said City Manager Michael Beedie. “I am extremely proud of their efforts to make our workforce and our City great.”

Click here to see pics.


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