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by M.G. Siegler


NBCUniversal will stream Premier League soccer games, no cable subscription required

Peter Kafka:

NBCUniversal’s NBC Sports unit is going to offer a direct-to-consumer subscription package that will let soccer fans watch live games from the Premier League, the high-profile U.K. league that features many of the sport’s biggest teams, like Chelsea and Manchester United.
The $50 “Premier League Pass” will start in August, when the league’s new season starts, and will offer 130 live games to U.S. fans, as well as extra content like studio shows. NBCUniversal will continue to show a handful of live Premier League games on its broadcast network, and a couple hundred more on its NBCSN and CNBC cable channels, which will only be available to pay TV consumers.

Seemingly great news -- and another big step towards a cable-less world -- but the big caveat here is that these games apparently used to be free with your cable package (and, as Kafka notes, you'll still need cable for many of the ones not included in this package). 

Still, this feels like a step that needs to be taken -- a baby step away from cable towards direct-paying. And soccer (and the NBA) seem to be where the action will be going forward.


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