Virtualization could improve government productivity by four hours per week | Fedscoop

"A new FedScoop study shows government technology users believe they could gain four or more hours of productivity per week if they had access to virtual digital workspaces."

A study published this week reports that 64 percent of IT users in the government community said they can't get access to all of the apps they need to do their job and 80 percent use six or fewer apps for work. Government agencies haven't quite adopted mobile apps with the same vigor as the private sector. One reason is probably mobile app security concerns within the federal government. Developments in mobile app security testing technology is starting to assuage some of those concerns. With automated mobile app security assessments, government agencies can quickly evaluate the security practices of third-party apps and whether they comply with the NIAP mobile app vetting requirements. If you're interested in the topic of mobile app vetting and how to do it, register now for our webinar "Vetting mobile apps for corporate use: Security essentials."


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