Inside The Troll Wars On Facebook Mushroom Groups

Where there's a community, there's a troll. In the case of the mushroom-identification groups on Facebook, that means a bunch of self-styled mushroom experts falsely telling n00bs that various mushrooms are psychedelic, deadly, or both:

One troll who used the name Lasse Asal (not his real name, he told me over Facebook DM) got kicked out of the group recently for doing just this. A woman posted a photo of some mushrooms she found, and Lasse immediately commented, “those are highly poisonous i would not recommend touching them barehand.” The fungus was never precisely identified, but the idea of poisoning through skin contact with a mushroom is purely a joke. “I wanted to scare her,” Lasse told me.
Mods kicked him out of the group for this post.


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