90% of All the Scientists That Ever Lived Are Alive Today


A staggering statistic when put in context of the ever increasing exponential growth of human knowledge today. Suffice it to say that the future is coming faster and faster each year. 

"Science builds on itself. Advances in statistics lead to advances in machine learning; the progress of electrical engineering that powers Moore’s Law makes those advances in machine learning practical; and those techniques benefit fields ranging from computational biology to social network theory. This revolution has taken place almost entirely in the past 200 years – one tenth of one percent of our species’ 200,000 year history. Never before have we had so many people whose sole purpose of work is to better understand how the world works. This has far-reaching implications, both good and bad, for the future of humanity. It’s difficult to wrap our minds around the blistering pace of innovation that is about to come."


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