UX Design for IoT - 5 Important UX Design Decisions | IoT For All


While that’s completely selling the complexity of UX design short, I get the point. After years of designing for screens, the millions of professionals in the design community have collectively come up with effective solutions to just about any problem that can appear in pixels.

Bad user experiences still abound, and it does take professionals to shepherd the business and programming folks through the entire design process (like reminding to think about the user from time to time), but I’m sure it can feel stale coming up with solutions within a rectangular flat plane. The Internet of Things offers exciting, new frontiers that go way beyond weighing the pros and cons of a hamburger menu icon. IoT is a three-dimensional world with new problems and solutions awaiting around every corner.

I’ve outlined five of what I consider the most important UX design decisions you can make when creating a new, totally in-the-real-world Internet of Things solutions.


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