HOLA! USA: Gina Torres, Rachel Zegler, Danny Pino, Ivonne Coll, and more star in the first bilingual audio telenovela ‘Princess of South Beach’


In case you missed it, a 36 episode telenovela called "Princess of South Beach" debuted in October. The series pays homage to everything we love about telenovelas but adds modern storylines (like LGBTQ relationships, unfair beauty standards, and more). What makes it unique: it's an audio telenovela that's available right in your podcast feed, in both English and Spanish. Co-produced by Sonoro and iHeartMedia, the series was written, directed and sound engineered in both English and Spanish and features A-list Hollywood talent that's 100% Latinx. There are still 10 new episodes in the first season that have yet to launch, but you can binge up to 26 episodes here, if you want to catch up.


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