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by M.G. Siegler


Safari Should Display Favicons in Its Tabs

John Gruber:

And it’s highly debatable whether Safari’s existing no-favicon tabs actually do look better. The feedback I’ve heard from Chrome users who won’t even try Safari because it doesn’t show favicons isn’t just from developers — it’s from designers too. To me, the argument that Safari’s tab bar should remain text-only is like arguing that MacOS should change its Command-Tab switcher and Dock from showing icons to showing only the names of applications. The Mac has been famous ever since 1984 for placing more visual significance on icons than on names. The Mac attracts visual thinkers and its design encourages visual thinking. So I think Safari’s text-only tab bar isn’t just wrong in general, it’s particularly wrong on the Mac.
I really can’t say this strongly enough: I think Safari’s lack of favicons in tabs, combined with its corresponding crumminess when displaying a dozen or more tabs in a window, is the single biggest reason why so many Mac users use Chrome.

I'm probably even crazier than most: I use Safari when out and about and Chrome when at my desk, plugged in. The reason why is obvious: battery life. But when I am using Safari, I often wish I could be using Chrome -- not for speed (which seems negligible at this point -- Safari is faster at some things, Chrome at others), but for the favicons. As Gruber notes, if you have more than a few tabs open, it's nearly impossible to navigate in Safari without the icons. It's ridiculous and absolutely should be changed.


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