Recent database technology that should be on your radar

Profiles of three databases: TileDB, Materialize, and Prisma (not really a database?). Good stuff. I strongly agree with the author's perspective:

I’m a fan of “specialty” DBs that hone in on a specific set of data types and problems. The great thing about traditional RDBMSes is that they’re versatile enough to cover an extremely wide array of use cases (no pun intended) but sometimes you have “last mile” edge cases that are both (a) beyond the capabilities of “kitchen sink” systems and also (b) at the core of your business. I expect to see the emergence of more systems like this as database use cases become ever more specialized and new problem domains emerge.

I believe that data science workloads will, as they become increasingly well-defined and increasingly productionized, lead to the Cambrian explosion of databases that the author describes. The progressive separation of application logic and data processing that occurred over the course of 20+ years leading up to the RDBMS has a clear analog in our current era.


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