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Media Minimalism

by August Bradley


Lies we tell ourselves about focus | Roy Bahat

Why do we tell ourselves focus-lies? Because being mostly-focused is so seductive! It feels safe — “If our focus doesn’t work, we’ll still be OK.” Focus is fear-y.

How will you know when you’ve hit that focused-focused extreme? You’ll know you’re focused when:

  1. Everything you’re doing is necessary (not just useful, or additive, or complementary) to the one and only goal you have at that moment.
  2. You feel the pain of leaving something great behind — focus is defined by the quality of the best thing you’ve left on the cutting room floor. “If we didn’t do [awesome thing], think how phenomenal the thing we are doing must be!”
  3. You feel flow — things recede because you know the one thing you must do. It hurts, but hurts good.


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