The 1% of 1% Have Entered Their Escape Pods | Douglas Rushkoff

I had a fascinating conversation with the author of this piece, Douglass Rushkoff, on the Mind & Machine podcast. I didn't agree with many of the judgments there as I don't here, but he makes you think in new ways and explores undercurrents of our world from unexpected and fascinating angles.

"The more advanced the tech, the more cocooned insularity it affords. “I finally caved and got the Oculus,” one of my best friends messaged me on Signal the other night. “Considering how little is available to do out in the real world, this is gonna be a game-changer.” Indeed, his hermetically sealed, Covid-19-inspired techno-paradise was now complete. Between VR, Amazon, FreshDirect, Netflix, and a sustainable income doing crypto trading, he was going to ride out the pandemic in style."


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