Why Twitter Can’t Pull the Trigger on New Products


Selina Wang has a fun look at some things Twitter considered but never launched:

A couple years ago, then-Chief Operating Officer Anthony Noto pressed for a separate Twitter app for business, according to a person familiar with the matter. Twitter would work with its media partners to pull together market data for users to consume—sort of like a modern Yahoo Finance. Despite its provenance, the idea went nowhere. (Noto has left recently to run financial technology company Social Finance Inc.)
Another much chewed-over concept: a location feature stitching together tweets and content for events like baseball games or marches. The idea was to automatically notify people when they were at a location and provide a live newsfeed of the event. Different versions of the product were floated at various hack weeks, according to a person who attended. Today, no such narrowly focused product exists, although the company recently created a new feature that aggregates tweets across select events.


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