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San Atlantis

by M.G. Siegler


The Gift Of Digital Face Recreation

Matt Grobar caught up with John Knoll, ILM’s Visual Effects Supervisor and Chief Creative Officer (he also happens to have co-created a little piece of software you may have heard of...). Of note, here's Knoll regarding the digital recreation of actors on screen:

When you’re doing a historic figure, usually there’s some effort made to alter the appearance of the actor to look more like the person they’re playing, whether it’s just hair and makeup, or an extensive prosthetic type thing. So conceptually, doing a computer-generated face replace is the same thing that you’re doing when Anthony Hopkins plays Alfred Hitchcock, except instead of makeup, we’re altering his appearance with computer graphics.

I hadn't thought about it that way, but I think that's a fair point. To that end:

So that’s not going to get rid of actors anytime soon, because the acting has to come from somewhere. If anything, the way to think of it is, it’s a way for actors to play roles that they couldn’t play before, to extend their range in the kinds of roles they can do. I actually think it represents a lot of exciting possibilities for performers.


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