Day 5 | 89.1 km Wednesday August 22

I went to sleep at 4am. I had repacked all my stuff.

Patched all my tubes and tossed that god damn Schwalbe Furious Fred for a WTB Riddler from Max. My Lester was hot rodded with a 37c in the front and knobby 55c in the back.

I was up at 5am. We were rolling at 6am. We were determined to get to CP1. I had a slow leak on the patched tube I had mounted. Stopped, replaced. The 2nd one stuck. Max & Justin got away from me. I felt pretty blown out. I found my rhythm and when I saw they had stopped at a shop, I kept rolling. I put my head down and tried to keep a steady pace.

I later stopped at a shop. I bought a 1.5 liter coke & a local variation of monster energy. Some time later... the hike-a-bike to Song Kul began. Justin caught up to me. Then Max. Time was getting tight. CP1 was 20km away.

We continued along the lake at 3400m over several little climbs until we finally made it to the checkpoint with a mere 30mins to spare before the cutoff.

Here, we connected with several more racers like Carlos & Philip. Fran, Dominic and Fish were all here too. Max & Justin decided to scratch here. I knew I had to make it to CP2.


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