ESPN's Subscriber Loses

So, the actual number may or may not be overblown, but there were undoubtedly continued loses and so the main long-term point by Clay Travis stands:

ESPN's in infinitely worse shape than any other cable network out there too because it makes more than any other channel off the current business model and because those channels don't have the billions in fixed costs that ESPN does. If CNN makes less money on subscriber revenue, they can spend less on news gathering. If AMC makes less money in subscriber fees, they'll pay for fewer shows, but ESPN's entire business is predicated on the billions they owe for sports rights every year into the foreseeable future. ESPN made a bet that exclusive live sports rights would be the moat that protected its castle from all attackers. The problem is this, that moat flooded the castle instead.

It's hard to see how this current mode is sustainable. And that's a problem for not only ESPN, but potentially for the leagues as well...


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