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Hearts & Minds

by M.G. Siegler


Apple makes major podcast updates

Huge news out of WWDC as relayed by Jason Snell:

The other big news out of today’s session is for podcasters (and presumably for podcast advertisers): Apple is opening up in-episode analytics of podcasts. For the most part, podcasters only really know when an episode’s MP3 file is downloaded. Beyond that, we can’t really tell if anyone listens to an episode, or how long they listen—only the apps know for sure.
Apple said today that it will be using (anonymized) data from the app to show podcasters how many people are listening and where in the app people are stopping or skipping. This has the potential to dramatically change our perception of how many people really listen to a show, and how many people skip ads, as well as how long a podcast can run before people just give up.

Given how big of a business podcasts have become for many, it's crazy how the entirely industry runs on so little data right now. That will start to change with these changes -- we'll see how that changes the business of podcasting... Peter Kafka has more screen grabs from the WWDC session.


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