Wasa (variable)


Our friend Adrien Midzic just published Wasa, a sans serif with crispy details and a very notable capital 'Q'. Wasa is available in seven weights, with their italics, and comes with stylistic sets that let you choose between rounded or squared punctuation and diacritics. Fun fact, the typeface is named after Wasa, a Swedish brand of flatbread, for no other reason than because Adrien likes their crackers 😁

What should I pair it with? Wasa is available as a variable font, making it particularly helpful when it comes to pairings, as you can pick the interval on its weight axis that best matches the typeface you'd like to pair it with. We recommend pairing Wasa with Cooper BT, ITC Clearface or GT Super.

View Wasa β†’

View Wasa Variable β†’

🎁 During the next 25 days, get all styles of Wasa, or Wasa Variable, at 25% off with the code wasa25.


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