(4.) Boston Globe: Writer who recently became US Citizen shares bond with TPS holder from El Salvador


Written by Boston Globe writer Marcela García, I think this piece tells a really incredible story of a bond between 2 women with different circumstances despite other similarities (like age, language or immigrant status) and the impact of that. Rosa Yanes is a janitor who cleans the floors of the high-rise the Boston Globe occupies in downtown Boston. Rosa's special immigration designation (called TPS or Temporary Protected Status) allows Salvadorans and immigrants from a few other countries ravaged by natural disaster or civil strife to live and work legally here for humanitarian reasons. Rosa is one of roughly 6,000 Salvadorans in Massachusetts with such protected status. Boston's state economy would take a $400 million hit every year if these Salvadoran workers were forced to leave. It's funny too!

As two Latina immigrants of the same age, Rosa and I quickly bonded over the experience of being foreign-born in Boston. We talk about the best grocery stores to find Mexican or Salvadorian specialties. We talk about the food that we miss, the music we grew up on, even old boyfriends. She marvels at the fact that I get away with not cooking dinner for my husband every night. “¡Ay! ¡Usted sí es fresca!” — You’re so cheeky! — she tells me with equal parts fake contempt and delight.


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