Come guadagna(va) Ryanair? Con le lotterie e i saltacoda

Last year Ryanair carried 142.1 million passengers, with an average passenger fare of 37.03 Euro. Whereas, the cost per booked passenger was almost ten Euro higher, as it stood as 47.02 Euro. If tickets were to be the sole revenue driver for the airline, Ryanair would have lost 1.4 billion Euros in 2019. However, as mentioned earlier, tickets are not the only revenue source. If we add the ancillary revenue per passenger of 17.15 Euro, we get to a profit of roughly a billion Euros, which is what we saw with Ryanair. Ancillary revenues account for almost a third of Ryanair’s total revenues. Thanks to statistics and predictive analytics, Ryanair knows how low it can sell its tickets for but still make a profit.

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