Squarespace: Automated Permissions for Data Warehouse Resources


It's good to see some awesome data content coming out of Squarespace. This post outlines how the data engineering team has been able to scale access control across their data warehouse in an environment with hundreds of users.

This problem—ensuring that the right people have access to the right data—can be surprisingly tricky. Often, organizations simply throw up their hands and give everyone superuser access, but this is not a good answer. Especially as compliance and data governance grow ever-more-important, this is stuff you need to care about. Do all users at your company need to see customer email addresses? It only takes one UNLOAD command by one user to create a lot of pain.

Word on the street is that the team at Squarespace that built this tool are close to releasing it as open source. I'll be sure to include a link here if and when they do.


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