Characteristics of Modern Productivity | Getting Results the Agile Way

While the goal of productivity has been about maximizing output over a period of time, there are some significant shifts with modern productivity:

  1. More human. Modern productivity is more human and more personal. It needs to be good for people.
  2. It’s value, not volume.  Modern productivity is a focus on creating more value, not just more volume. It’s about getting the right things done, that matter.
  3. Meaningful work. Modern productivity is a focus on vision, mission, and values that light up lives and lessen the load of busy and mundane work. 
  4. The Journey matters.   Modern productivity is a focus on the journey and the destination.  Productivity is a by product of creating better experiences for everyone involved.
  5. Sustainability matters. Modern productivity is a focus on a sustainable pace and wellness vs. burnout and one-hit wonders.
  6. Social matters. Modern productivity is a team sport.  It’s collaborative. It’s about building relationships vs. doing transactions.


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