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Ballparks & Time

by M.G. Siegler

Some notes regarding the new Mac Pro

Thom Holwerda on the recent vaporware Mac Pro weirdness:

What made Apple do a 180? Well, after the announcement of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, orders for refurbished "old" MacBook Pros supposedly went through the roof, and after the initial batch of reviews came out, they shot up even higher. This response to the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar took Apple completely by surprise. Combined with the problems surrounding the LG UltraFine 5K display and the constant negativity from professional Apple users, the company decided to double down on professional users.
As Apple announced, we'll be getting a new Mac Pro and an iMac Pro as a result. In addition, Apple is said to be exploring additional Retina MacBook Pro models without the Touch Bar, and other pro-oriented features, such as hooking an iPad Pro up to a Mac to use it as a Cintiq-like device.

Right now, the Touch Bar is a misstep. It's not bad, but it's worse than not great: it's fairly useless. The company obviously has other tricks up its sleeve to try to make it useful, but it's hard to imagine what those will be...


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