Nat Geo: Meet the 'Flying Cholitas' - the Bolivian women wrestling their way to equality in the Andes

You can of course count on National Geographic for incredible photography and this particular picture story is beyond gorgeous - make sure you click through on this one! Recognizable by their colorful and elegant attire of multilayered skirts, embroidered shawls, and tiny bowler hats, cholitas are an expression of the indigenous renaissance taking hold in the Americas.

Most cholita wrestlers are Aymara, an indigenous nation residing in the high plains of South America. The group has faced ethnic oppression and exploitation since the Spanish colonization of the region. “And therein lies the essence, the reason why people enjoy watching and admiring the Cholitas fight, because it is the dramatization of the Chola Aymara woman from El Alto.”

P.S. The photos were done by Brazilian photographer Luisa Dör.


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