Product Owners: how to best pitch not market-ready products?

My bud Jost is always looking for some insights or good articles on how to promote (pre-sell) new products which are not yet ready for market. Especially prototypes or beta products. 

Is there reason to take a different approach how to reach pilot customers with beta products?

He asked me to pose some questions to readers fo the newsletter: 

  • How do I attract their interest to do a (time consuming) pilot phase after which I need important feedback to further improve my product before releasing?
  • Do I need to motivate them with special discounts, or is it just intrinsic motivation by telling them that they are the chosen ones to test this product?
  • How do I measure qualitative customer feedback systematically, eg with feedback forms on every website?
  • How can I further use pilot customers as ambassadors for my product?
  • How do I deal with big expectations if I recognize that my prototype fails and I have to pivot or close the project?

If this is up your alley & you'd like to talk shop with Jost, hit him up on Linkedin.


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