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Beer Weekend

by M.G. Siegler


The LaCroix Label's Secret History

Ashlea Halpern spoke to some design folks to get their takes on the garish LaCroix label and branding:

Douglas Riccardi, owner and creative director at Memo NY, a graphic design studio specializing in restaurant branding, is both fascinated and dumbfounded by LaCroix’s success. “It goes against everything I stand for as a branding expert and designer,” says Riccardi, who counts Mario Batali’s restaurants among his clients. “The logotype is not especially well-crafted. The pattern on the cans looks like the love child of Monet and Grandma Moses.”


But some designers still talk about LaCroix with open disdain. “The only compliment I can make to [LaCroix’s] packaging is that it defies all the rules of design, given that the logo is barely legible over that swirling hangover puke,” says Matteo Bologna, president/creative director of Mucca Design, whose clients include Whole Foods, Gray Goose, and Sephora. “Compliments to them for playing all the wrong cards and still beating the house.”

The branding really is amazingly awful. So much so that it's immediately recognizable and comforting, in a weird way. 


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