Less management, more making


So why did I not write a newsletter in the past year? The honest answer is I had to say 'no' to many things and people in order to make a career switch. I left NRC after seven years and started at TMG in Amsterdam. New customers (612,000), a new team with colleagues (250+), new media titles (9). It all soaked up my attention. And the reward is that my new company is doing much better now, thanks to the effort of all those team members at TMG (do not worry, we still need to improve a million things).

At this point I have time to make stuff - like this newsletter - and not only manage. Relevant quote from the article in this link "There are two ways to run your life. Managers know that their day is divided up in pieces for meetings, calls, and administrative tasks. Makers, on the other hand, need to have large blocks of uninterrupted, unscheduled time to do what they do. To create and think."

To all you managers out there, let's start making. Have a great one!


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