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"Time, Talent, and Treasure will find its way to local newsletters" - Ryan Johnston - 6AM City

Ryan is co-Founder & CEO of 6AM City. His newsletter prediction for 2021 is this:

The action will be local. Time, Talent, and Treasure will find its way to local newsletters. 
Time: Readers looking for trust and convenience will continue to find value in the delivery format, audiences will grow. 
Talent: Big shops like Axios, entrepreneurs looking to solve the “local problem”, and local creators and influencers with large social audiences will enter the space in numbers. With more players in the game, there will be much more innovation to watch and learn from, which will benefit all.
Treasure: Newsletters are now respected and proven advertising environments. Readers time and attention will be followed by more ad dollars, and not just local buys, national and regional brands that desire to connect locally will get in on the action. Funding will follow the local action as new models and approaches are able to prove fit and function. 
Should be fun to watch. 


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