The next generation of photo booths have their sights set on you

I really enjoyed this essay from Natt Garun about his time at the fifth annual Photo Booth Expo, which I guess is a thing. Turns out, these machines have been able to escape the brink of extinction by transforming for the internet age, relying on social media and FOMO to stay alive.

As Instagram culture grew, so did the demand for even more elaborate selfies. Today, photo booth operators spend their time crafting spaces in the same ways that restaurants are intentionally designed to go viral, using intricate backdrops, props, and kitschy decor to invite patrons in. That shareability, Wong says, has revitalized the business of photo booths. Depending on where you are and how customized you want the booth to be, these machines can now be rented for as low as a few hundred dollars a session. To event planners, especially those planning corporate events, investing in this experience is a no-brainer.


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