The Big Tech Hearing

(The New York Times)

The C.E.O.s of America’s most influential technology companies — Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook — were brought before Congress to answer a question: Are they too powerful?

Talking points:

“Gatekeepers” and “chokepoints on the internet” is how New York Times reporter Ceclia Kang describes Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon: the USA’s biggest tech companies. Not too long ago these would more accurately have been described as a social network, a search engine, a computer manufacturer, and an online retailer; innovative American tech companies demonstrating the potential of a new age. Now, they testify in front of congress, and this podcast likens the big tech hearings to tobacco industry congressional hearings of 1994. These hearings – where questions are posed by American lawmakers to CEOs of American companies – demonstrate the enormous complexity of regulating tech that has permeated all aspects of life, on a global scale. - Khiran O'Neill | email


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