Hate Social Media but Love Nature? There's an App for That


(The Walrus)

"In the clear-cut that day with iNaturalist, I felt both physically and mentally in one place, and rather than acting as a barrier to real life, my phone was merely a medium of communication between me and the natural world. I wondered: Is this the future that technology had always promised?"

Talking Points:

Emily Urquhart recounts her experience with iNaturalist—an app that crowdsources plant and animal identifications. In doing so, she touches on the complexity of identifying the natural world and identifying with it, when our experiences are mediated by technology. To an extent, the app blurs the line between plant identification and augmented reality. This blur is compounded by Urquhart’s meditations on nature, one’s self, and one’s place in the world, as influenced by technology. - Khiran O'Neill | email


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