It’s Time to Blow Up Our ‘Always On’ Work Culture

We live in an 'always on' work culture. We are accessible at any time, expected to respond to the requests of colleagues and clients whenever they come in. If you've got young children then you're likely leaving work before your peers (remember when leaving at 5p was the norm?) to pick up your kid from after-school activities, get them home, get them fed, play, bedtime routine, put them to sleep...only to log back on again. Well, this week two experiments have offered hope there is a better way. One German entrepreneur put in to place a 5 hour workday and saw the same level of output as a typical 8-9. Microsoft Japan announced a 4-day workweek this summer and saw productivity jump by 40%. As the author Cal Newport writes:

If like many digital knowledge workers, you’re exhausted by endless work and flooded inboxes, the good news is that better and more sustainable ways of producing valuable output with your brain might be coming — if we can find enough visionaries willing to try out “radical” new ideas about how best to get things done.


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