Introducing Streamlit, an app framework for ML engineers

In my experience, every nontrivial machine learning project is eventually stitched together with bug-ridden and unmaintainable internal tools. These tools — often a patchwork of Jupyter Notebooks and Flask apps — are difficult to deploy, require reasoning about client-server architecture, and don’t integrate well with machine learning constructs like Tensorflow GPU sessions.

This new open core company is founded by a who's who of ML from GoogleX and Zoox and follows the "productizing internal tooling we built" playbook (which often produces fantastic results). The linked post is from the team, here's the TechCrunch post about the launch.

My thoughts: Streamlit is not actually solving a data science problem, it's solving a web development problem that data science teams have. This is an under-invested area; I could imagine lots of shitty internal tools being wiped away in favor of this.


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