Fear-based social media Nextdoor, Citizen, Amazon’s Neighbors is getting more popular


Every time I figure I should try again with Nextdoor to see what's going on in our neighborhood, it takes me five minutes to get back to a big giant nope. And then I just go go read Best of Nextdoor instead. Anyway, this article talks about why people are socializing more about crime even as it becomes rarer.

These apps have become popular because of — and have aggravated — the false sense that danger is on the rise. Americans seem to think crime is getting worse, according to data from both Gallup and Pew Research Center. In fact, crime has fallen steeply in the last 25 years according to both the FBI and the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

👉 Also see the excellent “Get Off My Lawn” Goes Digital:

People’s paranoia about protecting their wealth leads them to ramp up digital security; they appoint themselves as the effective police force, deciding what behavior counts as suspicious, what individuals fit the bill, and then plaster their images online and store footage and photographs of supposed “culprits.”


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