Can a New Mayor Fix San Francisco’s Housing and Homelessness Problems?

The Economist:

The cliché of luxury penthouses and Gucci stores cheek-by-jowl with filth and poverty is usually reserved for poor-world entrepôts. But the contrasts in San Francisco—the richest city in America by median household income—could in places rival those in Mumbai. Fresh human excrement and discarded needles lie scattered on the streets of the Tenderloin district just a few blocks from the five-star hotels of Union Square in the city’s downtown. Complaints about shit in the street more than tripled, to 21,000, in the eight years to 2017; for needles the number shot up from 290 in 2009 to nearly 6,400 in 2017. The city’s sanitation department spends half its $60m street-cleaning budget on the stuff. 

San Francisco, right now, is a literal shitshow. It's both disgusting and beyond frustrating. And it has made us a running joke (which is actually not funny at all). I'm from a city where the river famously caught fire. This is worse. Hopefully the new mayor can do something about it.


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