North Point InsideOut: Nothing Ordinary Live Part 1 - Available Now - YouTube

This is a live recording of their current album "Northing Ordinary" that just dropped today. There are some great songs on this album and love hearing the energy in a live environment. What I love about this is that InsideOut is their high school environment at the church. And even though everyone on stage who sing and write the songs are adults, these songs are birthed through their students engagement. So, when they had this live recording at a huge arena, the floor admission was only students and the rest of the arena was for adults. I'm sure the picture of seeing the students worshipping on the floor must have been an incredible sight to see as an adult in the higher seats. In fact, maybe the stage wasn't the people singing, but the students who were on the floor lifting up their hands to their Heavenly Father. Now that's thinking Next Generation! Listen to it on Apple Music, Spotify or Google Play.


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