Facebook Isn't Dancing To Silicon Valley's Humble New Tune


Ben Smith on Facebook's "defiant optimism" in the face of new regulations. (FWIW, I do think Facebook has been chastened by the events over the past year, as you can see from some of its more recent blog posts. It's a recurring theme in this newsletter!)

Facebook doesn’t seem to see the political landscape the same way as its competitors. And the emergence of an almost unanimously chastened new face of Silicon Valley sets its one exception in particularly sharp relief. It was a contrast that came up clearly in a conversation I had with Schrage, the company’s head of policy, on the third floor of a temporary building made of some particularly environmentally friendly sort of wood product.
“What's fascinating is everybody says that they love risk-taking, but there is a conception of risk-taking that never is associated with problems and is only associated with success,” he said, describing that European antipathy to risk as a “cultural phenomenon.”
“It is frankly one of the challenges that European businesses have, particularly startups,” he said. “There's a reason that European startups don't have the same track record as American startups. Part of it's financial, but a lot of it's cultural.”


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