The story of Idlib is being rewritten by the Syrian regime, but facts matter

This is an important point:

"How one perceives the regime of Mr Al Assad and the prioritisation of what a threat looks like, will determine how this assault on Idlib will be seen. The regime wants to brand an entire province as "terrorist" held, while the reality is that armed groups have been squeezed there and opposition forces have also been pushed there, while over a million civilians are trapped there. Facts do exist. Ten hospitals have been hit by air strikes in opposition controlled areas since the start of the year. The air strikes on Eastern Ghouta killed 17 people in one day. Outrage about the atrocities committed in Aleppo, Homs and other areas of Syria is not enough. But even that outrage seems to be muted when it comes to Idlib. Part of the reason is the "dehumanising" of an entire people."


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