Nintendo chases more than profit with 'Super Mario Run' since it eludes them

Masashi Isawa:

"Super Mario Run" was greeted with much fanfare after its surprise announcement last year at an Apple event. The game enjoyed a strong start in the App Store, topping download charts in several countries. Yet it was less of a moneymaker for Nintendo than might have been expected, due to the pay-once-and-play model. Revenue from the game "did not meet our expectations," Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima said.

No surprise here. I really don't understand why Super Mario Run wasn't free or far more expensive. This model makes no sense. So, naturally, Nintendo loves it:

Even so, Nintendo has no intention of switching focus to freemium games. "'Heroes' is an outlier," a senior company official said. "We honestly prefer the 'Super Mario Run' model."



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