Journalist Mocked After $22 Avocado Toast Purchase Backfires

Many people have written to The Interface asking when we are going to comment on Friend of the Newsletter Taylor Lorenz's viral tweet in which she was disappointed by the avocado toast that she ordered through Seamless, which cost $22. Credit to Lorenz here: she managed to turn a brutal self-own into a thoughtful examination of how viral tweets bring out the very worst in Twitter, as the author is quickly subjected to a comical amount of abuse from every imaginable angle.

Say what you will about $22 toast: Taylor's initial tweet essentially served as bait that allowed her to illuminate the bizarre viral dynamics of our current content moment in a more personal way than her stories typically allow for. Also anyone who wants to yell about how much someone spent on toast has to turn over all of their receipts to Twitter for a complete review, I'm sorry but that's how it works.


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